September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Cybercrime

Country: India
Delegate Name: Aurelio Delgado

In India cybercrime is a very big issue and we recognize that. Our attempts have been dodgy but due to funding and a lack of perception, we could not control this type of crime. We have various portals to report these cybercrimes however, lack the resources to restructure the websites thus causing reports to disappear or go missing. Our law enforcement is stretched thin and thus another reason we can’t properly investigate these matters. Because of these issues, we have not been able to arrest a considerable amount, and thus the scamming gets more and more out of hand.
We have attempted to host sites that help report these cybercrimes to the correct authorities. However, our websites were built poorly and we didn’t have enough resources to manage these sites regularly. Because of this our cases are either gone or lost. Other than that our internet security could be allowed to be able to handle these cases properly but we do not have the resources.
We can only improve our systems through the growth of the economy and thus access to more resources. We would like to receive funding from either other nations or NGOs to assist with this issue. We would look favorably on cutting down cybercrime by 50% by the year 2025. We thank the delegates for their time and ears.