September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Definition of Genocide

Country: Canada
Delegate Name: Prad Nalam

The word genocide has flipped the world upside down ever since it’s foundment. It is, if not, the most important aspect that led to the foundation of the U.N. The United Nations was founded after World War II in an attempt to maintain international peace between all countries and the world. Its sole purpose was not to let another dangerous ideal gain enough power to threaten an entire religion and millions of people. The word genocide is a nightmare that was deliberately made to define the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler and anyone who believed in the ideology of Nazism. It is a word that was created by Rapheal Lemkin to represent his campaign to raise international outrage against atrocities in Axis-Occupied Europe. He coined the term from an ancient Greek word “Genos” which means tribe, and the Latin word “cide” which means killing or massacre. Raphael Lemkin was a victim and survivor of this word. He was faced with the threat of German forces conquering his homeland and by luck and chance, he barely evaded German capture. Lemkin soon seeked asylum in the United States and was invited to join the law faculty at Duke University in 1941. Although Lemkin escaped, he lost more than 49 relatives during the period of the Holocaust. Infuriated with rage and anger, Raphael was determined to show the world the crimes and sins committed by the Nazis in Europe. With the pain in his heart and the motivation from his colleagues, in 1944, Lemkin wrote his magnum opus, “Axis-Rule In Occupied Europe”. This was the first time the world was introduced to the deadly term Genocide. in November 1944, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace published Axis Rule in Occupied Europe. Finally, in 1945, during the foundation of the U.N. this book was used as a conductive moral representation of the purpose of why all countries should maintain peace and stay in mediation by joining the United Nations.

The Delegation of Canada draws a strict line at any conducive aspects of genocide. Every policy, law, and moral instruction including human rights outright denies genocide in any situation. We do not think it is needed in any setting or in any aspect of human life as it only brings destruction with or without reason. The Canadian Parliament is always on edge with recognition of Genocide. Early of 2023, the Canadian House Of Commons passed a non-binding motion to recognize China’s horrible treatment on Muslim Uyghurs as genocide. The Canadian Government has undertaken including and implementing Indigenous relations policies, providing Indigenous training to employees and contractors, and partnering with Indigenous business and communities to represent equality and unity as well as degrading any form of racial propriety. Under Canadian law, any promotion of Genocide is considered involvement of promoting murder, battery, and harrasment and will be charged with incarceration up to 5 years. Life is precious and any harm towards a community of people that believe in a non-harming aspect of life, will be met with the Canadian law.

To really put an end to Genocidal ideologies with civilians, citizens, and countries, The Delegation of Canada proposes the U.N. to create a new committee of genocidal protection for countries. This new committee should be created and given the respective permission to traverse every part of the world that is suspected to have ideologies of Genocide and help promote peace to all people. This committee should be given funding and recognition to be allowed to travel throughout Earth and help countries that are struggling with outside parties causing and promoting genocide. The U.N. has a particular history of creating committees that serve benign and beneficial purposes for the cause of peace and prosperity. Genocide is harmful, and only harmful. We as an organization of peace should put an end to this and once again show the world that we fight for the people.

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