September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention

Country: Saudi Arabia
Delegate Name: Khai-Thi Pham

6,978,175 confirmed deaths from COVID-19. Additionally 771,820,937 confirmed cases of COVID-19. This devastation raged across the world with rapid speed and has shown the dangers of epidemics, now more than ever. These travesties have highlighted the need for readiness, action, and interception of any other disease that begs to plague the human race. Failure to fulfill these needs is a gateway to disaster. While the problem may be resolved, for now, the fear has stayed, and now the delegates of the WHO must employ solutions.

COVID-19 spread across the world, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. Nonetheless, unlike other nations, COVID-19 was acknowledged as a national priority right from the start of the pandemic. Saudi Arabia had a strong commitment from the nation’s highest authorities. We believe care should be accessible regardless of who you are. In turn, we provided free COVID-19 services, testing, and treatment to everyone, including individuals with irregular residency status. Even before the first case was reported on March 2, 2020, Saudi Arabia was organizing services and arranging supplies, as well as putting social and public health precautions in place to stop the virus’s spread. As for current preventative measures, “Vision 2030” this mission covered 6 priority pillars of the COVID-19 response: partnership and coordination; laboratory diagnostics; infection prevention and control (IPC); health information management and surveillance; risk communication and community engagement (RCCE); and vaccination.

Saudi Arabia emphasizes the need for an enhanced global surveillance system, utilizing advanced technologies and data-sharing mechanisms to detect and monitor potential outbreaks promptly. The Kingdom supports the WHO’s role in coordinating international efforts to establish a comprehensive and real-time global surveillance network. Saudi Arabia underscores the importance of investing in the capacity-building of healthcare professionals, first responders, and community health workers. The Kingdom supports initiatives that provide training and resources to enhance the readiness and resilience of healthcare systems in the face of pandemics. The Kingdom advocates for increased funding and collaboration in research and development to accelerate the discovery of vaccines, treatments, and diagnostics for emerging infectious diseases. Saudi Arabia supports the establishment of a global research and development fund to ensure equitable access to medical advancements. Saudi Arabia encourages the development and implementation of policies that strengthen national and regional health systems, ensuring their ability to cope with increased demand during pandemics. The Kingdom supports international partnerships for the exchange of best practices in health system strengthening. The Kingdom underscores the importance of international cooperation and solidarity in addressing pandemics. Saudi Arabia calls for a collective commitment to sharing information, expertise, and resources to ensure an effective and coordinated global response. The Kingdom reiterates its dedication to collaborative efforts within the World Health Organization to enhance pandemic preparedness and prevention. By working together, the international community can build a more resilient and responsive global health system capable of addressing the challenges posed by current and future pandemics.