September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Climate Change and Public Health

Country: Saudi Arabia
Delegate Name: Khai-Thi Pham

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia acknowledges the urgent and complex interlinkages between climate change and public health. As a nation with a commitment to sustainable development, Saudi Arabia recognizes the importance of addressing the impact of climate change on global health outcomes. In this regard, the Kingdom is dedicated to engaging in constructive dialogue and collaborative efforts within the WHO to formulate effective policies that safeguard public health in the face of climate challenges.

Climate change poses a multifaceted threat to public health, impacting both the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, altering disease patterns, and exacerbating existing health disparities. Saudi Arabia acknowledges the vulnerability of populations, particularly in developing countries, to climate-related health risks. As a country that is geographically and climatically diverse, Saudi Arabia experiences its own set of challenges, including heat-related illnesses, vector-borne diseases, and water scarcity issues. Saudi Arabia is committed to mitigating the health impacts of climate change through comprehensive national strategies. The Kingdom has invested in public health infrastructure, research, and capacity-building to enhance resilience and adaptive capacity. Initiatives such as the Saudi Green Initiative and the Middle East Green Initiative underscore our commitment to sustainable development and reducing carbon emissions.

Saudi Arabia advocates for international cooperation in reinforcing health systems to address the increased burden on healthcare infrastructure due to climate change. Investments should focus on capacity-building, training healthcare professionals, and ensuring the availability of essential medical supplies in the face of climate-related challenges. The Kingdom emphasizes the importance of research and surveillance to understand the evolving health risks associated with climate change. Saudi Arabia encourages WHO to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, best practices, and technological solutions to enhance global preparedness and response mechanisms. Saudi Arabia supports comprehensive strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation, with a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Kingdom encourages collaborative efforts to develop and implement sustainable practices, renewable energy solutions, and climate-resilient infrastructure. The Kingdom believes that addressing the health impacts of climate change requires a coordinated global response. Saudi Arabia is committed to participating in international partnerships, sharing expertise, and supporting capacity-building initiatives to strengthen the collective ability to respond to climate-related health challenges. In conclusion, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reaffirms its commitment to addressing the nexus between climate change and public health. Through collaborative efforts within the World Health Organization, Saudi Arabia aims to contribute meaningfully to the development of effective strategies, policies, and interventions that protect the health and well-being of populations worldwide in the face of climate challenges. The Kingdom stands ready to engage in constructive dialogue with fellow member states to achieve our shared goal of a healthier and more resilient global community.