September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Informal Settlements

Country: Canada
Delegate Name: Matthew Gascon

Having proper housing not only gives people a proper roof over their heads. It allows and expands educational and employment opportunities, supports public health, and provides conditions for good socio-economic development. The UN and its many agencies such as the UNDP and UN-Habitat have been hard at work to help those in need. 3 Habitat conferences have brought the world together to talk about various issues related to housing, urbanization, poverty, and much more. The UNDP has also worked to address the urban-rural divide by treating them equally when developing policies and strategies.

Canada has always been committed to ensuring a good standard of living for all of its inhabitants. We recognize the extreme complexity of helping people in informal settlements. In 2015, Montreal hosted a meeting with numerous cities from around the world participating to help deal with homelessness and poverty. We’ve worked with various academics, NGOs, and cities to help deal with housing and poverty issues in Canada and around the world. We recognize that urbanization can act as a means to proper development rather than just an outcome. Also, Canada has invested in over 600,000 affordable homes to make sure people don’t just have a roof over their heads, but a stable one that boosts their socioeconomic opportunities.

For solutions, we believe affordable housing is the key to helping people in informal settlements. We recognize however that they’re are heavy disputes over how the housing should be built. We believe proper cooperation between all nations in varying situations and problems will help cultivate the proper conversations and solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

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