September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Worker Protection From Labor Exploitation

Country: Canada
Delegate Name: Matthew Gascon

Labor exploitation is unfortunately a huge problem in various parts of the world. The UN has witnessed and condemned the cruel treatment of workers. The exploitation of workers through methods like awful wages and cruel working conditions is inhumane and creates a negative socioeconomic environment for everyone involved. Worker exploitation creates lasting impacts on not just the workers but any family or friends they’re trying to support with their labor.

Canada has extensive protections for our workers. Workers have a constitutional right to strike in Canada. Canada has strong protections against any discrimination based on race or sex. Canada has a general 40-hour standard workweek limit, with overtime at 1.5x pay being required past that. Canada requires employers to provide benefits such as the Canadian Pension Plan, and employment insurance in case finding work becomes hard due to health or family reasons(including 15 weeks of guaranteed maternity leave). These and many other measures ensure employees have a great work-life balance and are not exploited by employers.

Canada recognizes that national sovereignty allows for nations to have needed flexibility in deciding what will be best for their citizens. However, we and many other nations have found that guaranteeing benefits such as insurance for health/family situations provides a healthier environment allowing workers to be more productive and happier in a less stressful environment. Additionally, nations should allow striking as despite the short-term disruption, a nation’s workforce will be much happier and more productive when they feel they are working under fair terms and conditions.