September 16, 2019
 In The Role of Nuclear Energy in Reducing Fossil Fuel Reliance

Country: Brazil
Delegate Name: Gage Heslet

Brazil looks at the transition of fossil fuel to nuclear energy as a great blueprint towards a more sustainable earth. As the IEA has stated, “Nuclear power and hydropower form the backbone of low-carbon electricity generation.” Focusing on the nuclear power part of this statement, statistics have shown that nuclear energy is one of largest sources of clean power and can help create jobs according to This data helps show how much more useful nuclear energy is compared to fossil and that action should be taken if we wish for a cleaner Earth. The UN believes that fossil fuel use should be eliminated too, so working toward this goal is vital.
Brazil considers nuclear power to be more useful than fossil fuels, but we still have more than 50% of our nation’s power dependent on fossil fuels. Brazil has made some progress towards nuclear energy use, but we only are using 3% of it. Additionally, funding has been shown to be a problem when building and using power plants and we hope that this does not become a problem in the future. Also, with being almost entirely reliant on fossil fuels, Brazil is worried about the process in which nuclear power can replace such a widespread use of fossil fuels. Brazil hopes that we can progress, but not without addressing these issues.
Looking upon the importance of the transition into nuclear power, Brazil hopes to work on solutions that uphold its ideals on an international scale. Some of these solutions include the loaning of money towards nations who cannot independently afford the transition and slowly introducing the use of nuclear power to nations unfamiliar. The nation of Brazil wishes to emphasize the importance of fossil fuel use turning into the future use of nuclear power. Brazil hopes to implement solutions that can respect the religious and cultural traditions of the many nations within the committee. Transitioning from the use of fossil fuels to nuclear power is key to cleaning up the carbon use on Earth. As such, Brazil is excited to work towards bettering the world by using nuclear power internationally.

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