September 16, 2019
 In Mitigating Negative Impacts on Host Cities

Country: Germany
Delegate Name: Addison Wurfel

The Olympic games, though entertaining, have a devastating toll on the host country’s economy. Due to this fact, Germany has not hosted since the 1972 summer games. The facilities needed to host these games drain the economy, displace locals, and damage the environment. The funding for these facilities can cost millions to billions of dollars and only serve one use. Not only that, but they need a place to put these new additions, this causes displacement of thousands of local residents.
Germany believes that the games do bring some benefits to the host cities, increase in tourism revenue, job opportunities, and new transportation devices. However, these things do not make up for the economic toll that hosting the Olympics has taken on the country. Some countries spend over $10 billion on hosting the Olympic games and the IOC refuses to pay any taxes in the host country for the billions of dollars of revenues generated by the event.
Germany would like to see the consideration of how negatively the games affect the environment. This might include hosting the games in a more reasonable area with a reliable climate. Doing so could decrease the amount of money spent on new equipment and the amount of carbon emissions for making snow in warmer areas for the winter games. The committee should also consider reusing previous facilities to prevent the process of making new ones. This could limit the displacement of locals and cut the overall cost.

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