September 16, 2019
 In Mitigating Negative Impacts on Host Cities

Country: Norway
Delegate Name: Garrett Wurfel

Norway is simply unable to host the Olympics. Norway’s economy wouldn’t be able to pay the price of hosting the Olympics, due to the fact that countries spend a minimum of 1 billion dollars when hosting. Norway’s economy is simply too small for that. Housing is another problem, because cities are already so full of people that housing would be an even bigger problem, similar to the 2022 Olympics housing problems. Finally, hosting the Olympics can give a bad impression. In 2006, the people of Norway got a bad impression of the Italians because they hosted, along with their poor Olympic performance. If a country hosts the Olympics and bad events related to conditions and people occur, those events will stick out more. The more something like that sticks out, the worse the impression, the more negative view the hosts get. That is something that Norway just doesn’t want.
How has Norway solved these problems? Norway solves most of these problems by simply not hosting. Norway has held votes in the past on if they should host the Olympics, and every time the majority of the votes are no. Finally, people were just worried that Norway would spend more money on the Olympics than what the country actually needs, like building new hospitals, improving road conditions, etc. People also wanted the whole country involved, and not just Oslo. Meaning that more competitions would occur all over the country, instead of just in Oslo.
What would Norway do on the international side of things? Norway would like to see the ideas of other countries on this issue, Norway would also like to find ways to appeal to the locals of Norway, so more locals would like to have Norway host the Olympics. Finally, Norway would like to find a cheaper way of spending money on the Olympics so that the citizens of their country don’t have to worry about over spending on the Olympics.