September 16, 2019
 In Wellbeing of Olympic Athletes

Country: Brazil
Delegate Name: Natalie Marietti

International Olympic Committee
Topic: Wellbeing of Olympic Athletes
Country: Brazil
Delegate name: Natalie Marietti
Vicksburg High School

The wellbeing of Olympic athletes is very important to Brazil. Now, the Olympics are very important to Brazil so of course their athletes would be just as important
Their mental health can impact how well an athlete plays, how long they can play, and how they are as people. Mental and physical health are equally important for Brazilian athletes. There should be more IOC influence during the Olympic games.

The mental health of Brazilian athletes wasn’t always as important as it is now. The wellbeing of the athletes were only valued when something was not going right during a game or several games. In 2014, the Brazilian Olympic Committee decided to invest more into psychological preparation and working with athletes. Currently, psychological preparation is fundamental for an athlete’s preparation for a game.

An increase in an IOC influence during the Olympic games could have a positive impact on teams. The wellbeing of countries’ athletes should be number one on their priorities. An addition to having more IOC presence can improve teams efficiency. Mental health is a key to playing sports especially in the Olympics. IOC is greatly appreciated by Brazil.

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