September 16, 2019
 In Radicalization & Violent Extremism in Prisons

Country: Norway
Delegate Name: Maya Grossman

Norway believes that mental health and violence are closely associated and both issues can be addressed together to create a singular solution. Norwegians believe that to improve prevention of violent extremism (PVE), each case of violence and its solution must be curated under specific circumstances. Kriminalomsorgen, the Norwegian Correctional Service assists in PVE by providing incentives to improve prisoners behavior. Though Norway has a population of 5.4 million people, there are about 3,500 people in prison; this low population limits the amount of violent extremism.

Norway does not have an extensive track record of violent extremism in prisons, and radicalization in Norway is usually a positive way of creating goals for Norwegian prisoners. Norway prisons, like Inner Østfold in southeast Norway and Halden prison in the south, are built to be humane places for prisoners to find a new mentality and start again. Kriminalomsorgen has always worked with Norwegian prisons to prevent violence and create some of the most civilized and peaceful prisons. Kriminalomsorgen uses committed recovery strategies that work to integrate prisoners back into Norwegian society. This service leads prisoners away from violence through motivation to return to normal life. They provide professional mental and educational help which drives people to feel connected to the world around them. With a combination of Kriminalomsorgen mental health services and correctional training, Norway has minimal encounters of violent extremism relating to negative radicalization.

To better secure and improve prisons from countries in the United Nations, Norway can integrate similar systems like Kriminalomsorgen to prevent violent extremism. Norway has a Liquidity Coverage Ratio, a policy that allows profit from banks throughout Norway even with limited funding. Using this money, Norway can create small installments of new and improved educational growth programs in prisons. Norway believes that with the correct mental health care and opportunities for prisoners to improve their lives, the total elimination of violence is possible. Prisoners need motivation to return to their normal lives and Norway believes that treating prisoners with a sense of humanity can create drastic changes in mentality and life skills.

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