September 16, 2019
 In Opioid Crisis

Country: Brazil
Delegate Name: Gabriella Yost

Brazil’s opioid crisis has become a widespread issue over the country and needs to be resolved. Opioids have become a highly addictive substance which have been responsible for hundreds of deaths in Brazil. Other common drugs like heroin, marijuana and crack have also contributed to this issue. Many users of these drugs are found to be young and uneducated adults. Brazil believes its focus needs to be on educating young lives and implementing recovery centers.
Brazil feels we need to focus on preventing the crisis and not just trying to put a stop to it. Brazil wants to construct an educational course to be implemented into highschools which will consist of the education on the effects drugs have on the mind and body. Helping to educate those most at risk will help prevent the further spread of these drugs. We also feel it is important to put in recovery centers for those who have/are suffering the effects of these toxic substances. These recovery units should be available to anybody who desires help. We believe counselors should also be available at the centers to help bring focus to these patients’ mental health along with their physical well being.
Brazil’s target is the young and uneducated. We encourage the United Nations to take the same preliminary course of action in preventing the spread as we are. We feel trying to put a stop to the crisis isn’t enough, we need to help educate those who are most at risk by providing them with information as well as resources.