September 16, 2019
 In Opioid Crisis

Country: Norway
Delegate Name: Maya Grossman

Norway believes that every person should be treated with humanity and understanding in a drug-related recovery process. Norwegian drug policies work to establish individual recovery programs and ensure each person gets the dosage of opioids they are medically required to have. Pharmaceutical companies hope to achieve a safe distribution system of opioids and ensure the safety and health of each consumer. Approximately 10% of Norway’s population have received opioids for medical use. Throughout Norway in 2019, opioids were responsible for about 228 out of 275 drug-related deaths.

Norway hopes to combat illegal distribution of opioids and other drugs along with implementation of public health reminders to demonstrate safe drug uses to Norwegians. To ensure the safety of each Norwegian citizen, they must receive only the prescribed amount of drugs from a federal pharmacy. Illegal distribution of unregulated amounts of opioids and other drugs are a main source of overdosage and dangerous drug use. Norway wants to implement illegal distribution policies and make pharmaceutical distribution more available. This can ensure a consumer only has access to the drugs that they need.

Drug policies and government programs must treat citizens with patience and clearly present how to safely take medically prescribed drugs. Norwegians must acknowledge the problem and learn to reach out to pharmacies or recovery programs when in need of intervention. Norway hopes to work within the United Nations to create a synonymous policy on opioid overdose prevention. Norway hopes to create an understanding and affordable environment where citizens can access medically prescribed drugs without turning to illegal, dangerous distribution.

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