September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Income Inequality

Country: Turkey
Delegate Name: Izabella Smeak

Delegate: Izabella Smeak
Country: Turkiye
Committee: UNDP
Topic: Income Inequality

Income inequality is on the rise. Studies display that the richest percentage of every population’s wealth increased, while the poorest groups earned far less. Inequality such as this hurts economic growth and prevents those in poverty from escaping poverty. Crime can be a result of income inequality. Technological innovation is incredibly important as it helps us reach greater heights however, innovation can also cause more wage inequality. Advances in certain things destroy older jobs, but also often create new ones. The workers who don’t perform as well are hurt by this. Climate change is also a cause of even bigger inequalities. Without money, the countries that face catastrophic events will begin to suffer an even bigger loss. Every large city is different, yet it is often found that inequality has skyrocketed compared to more rural areas with the wealthy and poorer living amongst each other. Another problem seen is that when immigrants look for work, their pay is usually lower than another who has not immigrated. Action must be taken to handle inequality on a worldwide scale.
Turkiye is an upper middle-income class country. Income inequality is very high in Turkiye. Turkiye uses The Tenth National Development Plan to increase inclusive and stable economic growth. Absolute poverty was eradicated in Turkiye however, poverty was at 21.3 percent in 2019. Women have a higher chance of poverty than men yet, children and the youth have the highest chance with nearly a fifty percent chance. The Tenth National Development Plan focused on providing women, children, and people with disabilities opportunities. While Turkiye still continues to struggle with equality between men and women, women’s employment and workforce have increased over the past few years. Turkiye is very welcoming to immigrants. The Syrian refugee crisis damaged the economy at the time, but the Turkish economy is now thriving. Turkiye is way behind on equality than the majority of other European countries. Every year improvements are being made with The Tenth National Development Plan.
Turkiye would like to continue using The Tenth National Development Plan because income has been decreasing for the past few years while it’s been in effect. Turkiye would also like to create more job opportunities for women, youths, people with disabilities, and people with lower skill levels. Turkiye believes that in order to improve the economy of Turkiye and of the world that equality of opportunity and income is very important. Turkiye looks forward to working with Finland, the Netherlands, and Slovakia.

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