September 16, 2019
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Country: Morocco
Committee: Environmental (ECOSOC)
Topic: Renewing Energy
Delegate: Savannah Andrews
School: Williamston High School

. In Morocco, there is a population of approximately 33.01 million people. With a total of 3,733 ktoe. With  86.1% from fossil fuels, 8.09% from hydropower and 5.7% from solar and wind. Proven recoverable reserves of coal by the end of 2011 was 82 million tonnes. Using wind as an energy source have been growing in Morocco, as the resource potential is high.

 Usage of hydropower has increased by 3.1% each year, while Morocco produces 6 ktoe of crude oil, each year increasing. Recently, Morocco has been attentive to hydroelectricity. Hydroelectric energy comes from capturing the force of moving water that is in our Earth’s rivers and oceans. We do this by using the movement of the water to spin hydraulic turbines. That generates kinetic energy, which is converted through a generator and then sent to a power grid. Since Morocco has many elevated areas such as mountains, hills etc, it is easier to devote hydroelectricity into Morocco’s “electricity industry” since most hydropower is generated from dams built on rivers and streams, often where there’s a big drop in elevation so gravity can benefact. Already existing hydro facilities in Morocco are being upgraded to be less harmful to plants, fish and wildlife.

Solar power can also be a renewable and reliable source of electricity. Morocco has ample resources for solar energy generation. The government is investing heavily in developing its solar potential with a target of having installed capacity from solar 2 GW by 2020. The framework for solar includes the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy set up in 2010 and the Institute for Research into Renewable and Solar Energies established in 2011,  and they are already having an impact. 

In conclusion, Morocco’s target is to  ensure access to affordable, reliable, renewable and modern energy services. They are also working towards  increasing substantially the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix and Double the rate of improvement of energy efficiency by 2030. However, the quantity of energy consumption per unit of economic output) increased from 3.4 MJ to 3.5 MJ per U.S dollar. Morocco is still working to correct and adjust electricity in Morocco.


  • Savannah Andrews

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