September 16, 2019
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What only a few years ago was considered as the politically incorrect language of hate, has now transmogrified into widely used rhetoric that now permeates the highest levels of discourse. Against this background, there is a gradual drift to the right of the country’s political elite, primarily related to the center-right. The political establishment is becoming more nationalistically oriented, playing and most successful in the political field of right-wing radicals. At the same time, radical right-wing parties, which only recently terrorized liberal circles with their xenophobia and radical rhetoric, have been moving towards the political center. These parties are abandoning their most scandalous slogans and gradually entering the political establishment. This process is exemplified by France’s National Rally, the Austrian Freedom Party, the Hungarian Jobbik, the Italian League, the Dutch Freedom Party, as well as others. By moving towards the center, the right-wing radicals left free spaces, which was immediately filled by new players. These ultraright newcomers include the Austrian New Right; the identitarian movement (includes countries like France and Austria); the English Defense League (EDL); such organizations as Britain First; the Pegida movement, which has abruptly disappeared from the German political landscape but which now operates in other European countries; such transnational neo-Nazi 6 groups as Combat 18 or C18; Blood and Honour. Due to this shift in the political climate, extremist groups have been expanding across borders to spread their racist and xenophobic doctrine. 

Equality in rights and non-discrimination are part and parcel of the basic objectives of the United Nations, since 1945, and numerous universal binding texts related to human rights. We may be pleased to notice that national law tends to be increasingly in harmony with international law as far as the respect of the legitimate state, democracy, and fundamental human rights are concerned. These necessary and useful advances as regards legislation, must not hide the terrible realities in this field which remain present here or there as a general matter of fact or in specific and particularly serious cases, like the case of our country, Afghanistan; we know that millions and millions of men, women, and children suffered and still do, from several forms of discrimination, racism, intolerance, xenophobia, and violations of their fundamental rights. It is because of them that we are here today: we do not have the right to disappoint them and Afghanistan has been working in close accordance with the United Nations to use law enforcement to crack down on racism and xenophobia. 


Afghanistan would like to continue to work in close accordance with the United Nations, and we would like to mimic the actions of countries that have lower rates of racism and xenophobia like France, Germany, and other nations. We acknowledge that our country isn’t as diverse as European nations, and religion is the most dominant factor in our country. However we wish to remain a predominantly Islamic based nation, but still remaining tolerant of different religions. We will spread this propaganda throughout our country in hopes of improving tolerance among all Afghans.

  • Gabriel Goudreau

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