September 16, 2019
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Country: Denmark

Committee: Environmental

Topic: Renewable Energy

Delegate: Ashley Moulton

School: Williamston High School


Fossil fuels have been the world’s main source of fuel since the early 20th century. Although they were extremely beneficial to the advancement of technology and transportation, they have been proven to be extremely harmful to the environment when used. The leakage of these fuels contaminate the soil and water, as well as pollute the air with carbon dioxide. Even the actual collecting of these products has destroyed many landscapes and habitats. Not only do fossil fuels have disastrous effects on our earth, but we are burning at a much faster pace than it is being created. Even if we wanted to use oil and coal as our main source of energy, we would not have a choice because soon, it will be gone. Because of the rapid increase in fossil fuel demand, researchers have predicted that we will run out of oil in 2050, natural gas in 2060, and coal in 2090. While this may seem far away, we need to begin adapting for the future for our species to survive.


Along with aiding other countries in the battle for accessible water, Demark’s State of Green also focuses on the creation of renewable energy in large areas, specifically cities and industrial plantations. The State of Green has begun to integrate renewable energy hybrid solutions that combine two or more clean energy sources (such as solar, wind, water, etc.) to not only generate energy, but also store it, to ensure a stable, efficient, low-cost energy supply that can switch smoothly between different clean sources. They have also made plans to implement sustainable and green energy specifically in heating and cooling to ensure efficient and cheap systems for everyone.



Denmark’s environmental footprint and economy have greatly benefited from the plans for renewable energy implemented by the State of Green and encourage the countries of the UN to come together and partner with the State of Green as well as brainstorm new ideas to improve the organization. With everyone’s help and participation, The UN creates a sustainable and efficient energy source that protects our planet as well as aids our economy.


  • Ashley Moulton

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