September 16, 2019
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Country: Morocco
Committee: DISEC
Topic: Preventing the Illicit Arms Trade
Delegate: Joey Bennett
School: Williamston High School


With the illicit arms industry being a One Billion Dollar a year industry. The supply of small arms comes from groups in Africa and the middle east who raid unprotected government staches. These groups obtain illicit weapons by raiding weapons caches. These weapons are mainly left over soviet era weapons. 


With the global arms trade increasing by 16% in the past decade, the government of Morocco recognizes the need for reform and crackdown on the illicit arms trade plaguing the regions of Northern Africa and the Middle East. As the second-largest importer of legal arms in Africa, the Morrocan government stresses the need for a legal arms trade while illuminating the illegal arms trade aiding terrorist organizations like the Islamic State or the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group. The government of Morocco has taken steps to ensure the flow and possession of arms within our borders has decreased. Guiding gun control legislation within our borders includes the Decree of 31 March of 1937, regulating the import, trade, carrying, possession, storage of arms and ammunition. In addition, the Moroccan government has created legislation that restricts the possession of handguns, long guns, and automatic weapons.


The first step in eliminating the illicit arms trade is halting the flow of weapons into terrorist organizations. The Moroccan government encourages the creation of an NGO that will monitor weapons trafficking and report back to this committee in an amount of time decided by this committee. In addition to halting the flow of illicit weapons, the delegation of Morocco would like to propose a committee that will advise governments big and small on how to properly protect weapon caches, stopping these groups from obtaining weapons. The delegation of Morocco releases its part in the illicit arms trade around the globe and will continue to halt the weapons trade our borders. The government of Morocco has taken steps to ensure the flow and possession of arms within our borders and hopes the rest of this committee has and will continue to take steps in ensuring civilian safety, and the elimination of the illicit arms trade around the globe.

  • Joey Bennett

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