September 16, 2019
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Reducing the impacts that events like earthquakes, floods, droughts, and other natural hazards is important work and needs to be dealt with as such. . A lot of people around the world have few resources available, and certainly not enough information on how to help themselves when it is needed. Disasters are dangerous for people directly affected by them and for the economy of a country as a whole, so having ways for people and economies pull themselves out of risk is vital.


Sweden set up the MSB, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, in January 2017. MSB assesses the dangers of disasters and sends help to those who need it most. MSB hopes to focus on preventing the tension and brokenness left in the wake of disasters. MSB also informs the Swedish government on international risk reduction opportunities and educates the lower governments in Sweden on how to help with disasters and prevention. In 2007 Sweden implemented the Hyogo Framework for Action and has since continued funding Disaster Risk Reduction efforts. This funding has especially increased since 2017  


Continuing to fund and expand MSB throughout Sweden is a goal in the near future. There is a great hope that one day MSB can be universal in helping the Swedish people and providing a vote for any UN plan that helps Disaster Risk Reduction is without a doubt, something the Sweden government would support. When it comes to Disaster Risk Reduction, Sweden hopes to see the UN giving other countries support who need it and also hopes to see other countries setting up organizations or programs to help its people. Most of the UN, specifically nations like Finland and the European Region share these views with Sweden and continue supporting the education and action of Disaster Risk Reduction, and Sweden hopes to see their continuing support in committee

  • Madaline Gerring

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