September 16, 2019
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Delegate:Harrison Powell
School: Williamston High School




Ebola is a terrible disease that was first identified in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in 1976. Ebola has a 90% death rate. The last major outbreak of ebola was from March 2014 to June 2016 resulting in a death toll of 11,000. As new vaccinations to prevent/treat ebola are made people of mainly West Africa are still suffering greatly. The last case of Ebola was in Uganda, where a young boy, his brother and grandma have unfortunately passed (June 2019). As international and local governments have stepped up spending and have sent more health officials over to DRC and other areas in West Africa locals have remained suspicious. Locals remain suspicious because they believe there has been zero support in their countries to help reduce violence from gangs, terrorist groups and military governments, and there has only been support to fight ebola. Health workers have also been struggling with the fight against Ebola due to violence, no local government support and constant exposure to the disease. The eradication of ebola matters to the United Nations because constant death of a large body of people who are already suffering greatly to other social problems is worthless. 


One UN treaty that directly confronts Ebola is the Ebola Contingency Plan. This plan directly goes over plan to combat the tenth ebola outbreak in history. This tenth outbreak was confirmed in August 2018 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Plans of attack include the spreading of information and awareness of the disease. Establishment of more functional Ebola Treatment Centres (ECT’s).  Brazil has not signed any legislation directly affecting ebola, but a Brazilian general is leading efforts to protect medical workers in infected areas from armed terrorist groups. The only known case of ebola in Brazil was when a man from Guinea traveled to Brazil in 2014, he was immediately put into treatment and all people who may have had contact with him were put on risk. Currently at this time there is a small epidemic of people infected with Ebola in the DRC’s Beni and Butembo areas.


As of now the country of Brazil plans to keep supporting the fight against Ebola with UN treaties such as the Ebola Contingency Plan. Brazil also plans on supplying troops to DRC to help other international soldiers to protect medical doctors in the fight against Ebola. The country of Brazil does believe it is ok to intervene on individual countries for the sake of saving people from a horrible death. I believe all nations will agree with the country of Brazil and will work together in stopping ebola.


  • Harrison Powell

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