September 16, 2019
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Country: Brazil


Topic: International Drug Trade 

Delegate: DJ Emch

School: Williamston High School

The international drug trade is a big problem with the imports, exports, and consumption of drugs in the world. Countries are making and supplying drugs legal illegally and it needs to stop. The main problem is the supplier countries. Several larger countries plan to stop the routes of the drugs into the country and stop the production of drugs. Most countries are siding to get programs and organizations to help solve this problem.

Brazil is the second most leading country just behind the U.S.A in cocaine use. Brazil is fighting this problem mostly because of the surrounding countries like Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia, these countries are all top producers of cocaine. Brazil also has gangs or organizations like the PCC which is a large group of prison inmates that export drugs to European countries.

Brazil has done multiple things to help deal with the drug problem mostly in the country Brazil such as dealing with the amount of imports and exports of drugs, Brazil has set up programs for helping eliminate drugs, and importers, and Brazil wants to promote and enhance the amount of police force to stop drugs. 


Brazil goal at this conference is to limit drug use by promoting programs, and improving the police force to stop importers and exporters, who are mostly criminals. Brazil wants the production of drugs from other countries to decrease so the criminal activity in Brazil also decreases. Brazil also want other countries to fund programs to help eliminate drugs and drug cartels.

  • Dennis J Emch