September 16, 2019
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Country: Fiji
Committee: UNDP
Topic: Disaster Risk Reduction
Delegate: William Bellinger
School: Williamston High School


Disasters often follow natural destruction.  Nations across the world face an array of disasters each year whether it be announced or not.  A disaster’s intensity varies greatly depending upon the natural force that strikes a nation. The way in which it impacts a society is then heavily dependent on the surrounding landscape, population size, sense of community/willingness to help, financial well-being and many more aspects of one’s location.  These factors relating to agriculture, landscape, and human interactions can and will have an immense impact on the risk of impending disasters. With each decision made by a nation, the severity of disasters may be exacerbated, or reduced depending on the nation’s leaders.

Fiji experiences an array of natural disasters such as cyclones, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and even tsunamis.  Cyclones are tropical hurricanes and are the most frequent form of destruction surrounding the pacific. These cyclones provide intense rainfall as well as destructive winds and sea swelling.  Secondly, the Fiji Islands lay over a seismic hotspot meaning they are subject to frequent earthquakes and tremors. These forces shake the ground intensely causing the crumbling of any human structures whether it be an advanced skyscraper or a shack in the local village.  As a result of the extreme earth movements, tsunamis may be formed. A tsunami is simply a wall of water created by earthquakes underneath the ocean. These waves travel at high speeds at an impressive height, clearing out human locations quickly. Fiji has not been able to protect itself from tsunamis or cyclones currently.  Both Tsunamis and cyclones are detrimental to the nation of Fiji and must be foreseen in order for disaster reduction to even begin.


In this upcoming committee, Fiji is hoping to work with nations from around the globe to both receive as well as distribute aid and resources to help reduce any damages created by future disasters.  Fiji has been considering possible aid redistribution organization that would be headed by a single representative from each nation to participate. From there, aid would be distributed according to the voted on needs of the represented nations.  Fiji looks forward to helping as well as possibly receiving help from all nations in this committee.


  • Sir William Daniel Bellinger II

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