September 16, 2019
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Country: Denmark

Committee: SPECPOL

Topic: International Drug Trade

Delegate: Dane Webb

School: Williamston High School


I, as the delegate of Denmark, find myself quite invested in the issue at hand. Denmark has consistently been a very progressive country always willing to accept change for the better. Denmark has had a pro legalization policy for awhile now and believes that is one of the best solutions to the growing epidemic that is the international drug trade. This legalization only goes for drugs with worthwhile properties, such as cannabis. That is because 11,000 out of Denmark’s 33,000 registered drug users are abusers of cannabis. Denmark however, would never call for the legalization of a drug as heinous as crack cocaine.

The second portion of this argument comes when you bring up such heinous drugs as crack cocaine, heroine, methamphetamines etc. which claim the lives of thousands every year due to overdoses. However, as of 2010, the number of experimentation with illicit drugs in Denmark has decreased dramatically going from making up 8% of those under the age of 25, to only 4%. Denmark believes this to be a direct correlation with the beginning leniency in uses of tame drugs such as weed. Along with that, Denmark believes those who abuse drugs must stop being locked away for years of their valuable lives. This will merely crowd up the prison system as it has been for years and offers no real solution other than to isolate them from the society they already struggle to cope with. No, these poor civilians need to be rehabilitated, not locked away in some jail cell.

That brings me to my final point of solutions. Nations devoted to the United Nations should begin to open up rehabilitation stations that these abusers of drugs can be sent to for treatment of their addiction. Along with that, the government should attempt to compensate these people for their visits to such rehabilitation stations and help them in their recovery process. Along with that, bigger nations should support the endeavors of smaller, developing nations as to stop this problem from rooting itself in the foundation of these nations and allowing it to unleash its wrath on the populous through massive spikes in drug overdoses. Along with that, Denmark calls for worldwide legalization of tame drugs that have restorative properties and serve no threat to the people of their country. This would take the allure out of said drugs, and would keep the prisons and rehabilitation station less crowded over pointless crimes

  • Dane Webb

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