September 16, 2019
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Country: Sweden
Committee: DISEC
Topic: Preventing the Illicit Arms Trade
Delegate: Claire Daniels
School: Williamston High School


One of the most crucial issues that corresponds with this topic is the rapid growth of conventional arms flow into vulnerable regions that are prone to war conflicts. Today, there is only one specialized international document (Arms Trade Treaty) to slow and ultimately prevent the trafficking of illegal arms across borders, but its implementation by nations has been weak. Tens of thousands of citizens are killed or injured from these weapons each year in high crime areas; even outside of war zones. The reason for this is because the weapons used are favored by terrorist networks. Nearly half of all international terrorist attacks recorded in the 2003 Department of State of Sweden announced that the perpetrator behind many terrorist incidents across the globe were these small arms and light weapons. This has been a very serious matter that the UN has focused on for years and still continues to do so today. 

Sweden has and will continue to support the effort made to prevent the illegal trade of arms between countries and across borders in hopes to secure peace.  In order to correct this issue, Sweden has had to correct other issues as a first step to combating the arms trade; increasing the role of women in contending the fight has already been proven central in relieving the topic. Sweden has been a long term advocate for the Arms Trade Treaty and continues to do so because it focuses on how it may impact the humanitarian side of the situation as it relates to the essence of Sweden’s security policies. Sweden has also been an active participant of disarmament in all areas, such as the Non-Proliferation treaty. 

To resolve this pressing issue, Sweden has been vocal in the fight for the role of women in the arms trade to become a priority on the agenda for the UN. The country is supporting the project created and headed by UNODA and UNREC which aims to increase the participation of women in the disarmament work.. The project’s main focus is to prevent acquisition of small arms, light weapons, and terrorists in the Lake Chad basin as well as in the Sahel. The reason behind putting these programs into action is because of the fatalities caused by this trade, women were among the top of whom were killed. So, by implementing women in roles of defense and combat, it will help educate and prepare women in how to defend. Sweden’s main priorities are to reduce weapons of grave violence and destruction. Sweden has been vocal about its priorities and support for preventing the illicit arms trade and disarmament, and hopes other nations will join together to try to prevent this trade.


  • Claire Daniels

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