September 16, 2019
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SUBMITTED TO: Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee

FROM: The Socialist Republic of Vietnam

TOPIC: Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is a huge problem that not only is a prevalent issue within Vietnam, but all over the world. Currently, over 24 million people are in some form of involuntary servitude, or slavery, due to human trafficking, and if that isn’t alarming enough, in 2017 less than 15,000 human traffickers were prosecuted, and even less of them ended up getting convicted. Even now, there are still so many cases of human trafficking rings being discovered and even more undiscovered human trafficking groups. 

Recently, a truck was discovered in the United Kingdom with 39 people being carried in it, and unfortunately all 39 died while undertaking the journey. With regards to this case, a portion of the 39 found inside of the truck are believed to be Vietnamese nationals, which brings this case, and the eradication of human trafficking, to the forefront of our government. It is situations like these where we must eliminate these issues and find ways to not only eradicate the problem of human trafficking, but to also implement preventional methods to keep more human trafficking rings from forming.


Vietnam has been making huge steps towards creating preventative measures and passing anti-trafficking laws in order to eventually eliminate the problem of human trafficking. Starting in 2007, we stepped up our prosecution of the criminals and even began to strengthen cross-border cooperation with Cambodia, China, and Thailand in order to rescue and aid victims of trafficking. Additionally, the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) has been educating our border patrol officers and training them to seek out, identify, and assist victims of trafficking as well as opening the National Center for Women and Development to provide victims with shelter, counseling, and financial and vocational support in order to help them get back on their feet. Even though the problem of trafficking still exists, with solutions like these and more on the horizon, there is hope for the end of human trafficking.

  • Jack Rossbach

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