Syria’s Human Trafficking   Syria has been in a state of a turmoil and war for nearly the past decade. Unfortunately this vastly complex war has left 5.6 million civilians with no home to turn to [...]

Committee: SOCHUM Topic: Human Trafficking Country: Sri Lanka Delegate Name: May Hsueh   An island country as Sri Lanka has issues with human trafficking and easily to transport humans as there [...]

Human Trafficking Position Paper   There are over 40.3 million human trafficking victims worldwide. Woman and children make up the vast majority of these victims and the highest concentrations of [...]

Human trafficking is a major concern in Hungary that has become more evident in the past fifty years. The government of Hungary has been gradually making significant efforts to eliminate [...]

Country: The United States of America Committee: SOCHUM Topic: Human Trafficking  Delegate: Kristian Rica, Troy High School   There are many worrying statistics about human trafficking all around [...]

Committee: Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian (SOCHUM) Country: Australia Delegate: Allison Wei, Troy High School Human Trafficking Human trafficking is degrading of human dignity on all [...]

Committee: SOCHUM Country: Colombia Topic: Human Trafficking Delegate: Krish Saxena School: Troy Athens High School The extreme importance of human trafficking is currently at an all-time high, [...]

Unfortunately, Italy is both a destination and a transit country for women, children, and men trafficked transnationally for commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor. Women and children [...]

Human trafficking is a significant issue in Indonesia. A large portion of Indonisians working abroad are undocumented, which puts them at a higher risk for exploitation. Out of 4.5 million [...]

Committee: Social Cultural and Humanitarian Topic: Human Trafficking  Country: Ukraine Delegate: Cooper Hoeksema, Forest Hills Northern High School   Human Trafficking in Ukraine 40.3 million [...]