September 16, 2019
 In mud3

Country: Fiji

Committee: Environmental 

Topic: Renewable Energy

Delegate: Jack Schafer

School: Williamston High School


The world faces a crisis, that is we are running out of options to create a sustainable source of power and locomotion. The main sources of such are gas, coal, oil, and many other fossil fuels. These unsustainable practices can happen no longer. The world is fine, they say, and they are correct, but in the future that statement will be written in history books, as a mark of a moran. 


Fiji would proudly stand with any delegates that would be willing to fight “global warming” on many aspects, most notably renewable sources, as in the great words of  Greta “it’s not right I shouldn’t be here” Fiji agrees with Greta she shouldn’t be there because she lives across the ocean and a 16 year old girl shouldn’t be driving a boat across the ocean to give a speech the world should be stable and not need a savior like the great Greta. I urge you all to stand with fFji and Greta and create a more sustainable energy solution.


  • Jack Schafer