September 16, 2019
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Country: Fiji

Committee: Environmental

School: Williamston High School 

Topic: Access to Water

Delegate: Jack Schafer


Water, the basic need of most living creatures, yet some of the most advanced of those, humans  go without such a staple. This is absurd all men and women should have a right to water, that’s why we created Fiji water, in Fiji we have plenty of clean water that is being packaged and sent to those in need of a cold refreshing savory sip straight from our humble abode,


Fiji will be working hard with other nations to set up trade deals with nations so that both nations get what they want, we will be glad to work with other nations to secure a strong future with our Fiji water, we would also be happy to set op packaging plants in willing nations. With our expertise other nations could start their own sister company such as “Russia water” or “Venezula blue” or “Kenya water” these companies would bring in a massive amount of money for their economy that they would flourish. Fiji hopes to work with many other nations in their pursuit for basic human needs.

  • Jack Schafer

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