September 16, 2019
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     The first PMC was formed by ex-SAS agents in 1965  At the end of the cold war the number of PMCs increased greatly.   PMCs can be dangerous because there is little to no regulation and if they are used in an aggressive manner, they are unlawful combatants.  PMCs are borderline mercenaries.


Brazil’s people thrive with private security companies, a local version of PMCs.  They have a good record of keeping people and things safe. Though these companies may be unregulated, they don’t abuse their power to a large degree and work well for Brazil.


Brazil plans to work with other countries to find a solution to this problem.  Brazil proposes an international council to investigate unethical PMCs. Brazil also proposes a set of rules to be put in place to regulate these countries including regulation of size, arms, and coverage.  Large scale PMCs may work better as local individual companies than large international armies. Though we need to set guidelines and create a council, we must maintain national sovereignty. PMCs can be regulated the best if the national government controls them with help from the U.N.


  • Matthew Jones

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