September 16, 2019
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Delegate: Paige Hahn

Country: Canada

Committee: Environmental

Topic: Renewable Energy


The implementation of mass renewable energy is a relatively new topic for the United Nations. However, this problem has become very dangerous very quickly. Because of the lack of renewable energy technology, the majority of consumers rely on fossil fuels – such as oil, coal, and natural gas – to fill their cars up with gas, heat their homes, and generate electricity. The constantly increasing population adds to the consumption of fossil fuels. All of these substances emit gases that pollute our atmosphere and endanger the environment. Approximately 12.6 Americans are exposed to harmful emissions from these fossil fuels. Land is being destroyed to extract fossil fuels and this action ruins habitats. Nevertheless, renewable energy on a global scale could be the solution. 

The United Nations has made great progress in the cumbersome transition towards renewable energy. In the 2015 Climate Summit, the UN delegated $5 billion towards solar renewable energy in Africa. The UN also adopted 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” towards reducing the ecological footprint of humans. The seventh goal is, “To provide access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”.  In 2016, major business and investment officials met with the UN agreed to increase investments in renewable energy, with hopes to double the amount by 2020.

Within its country, Canada has taken great steps towards a more sustainable use of energy. The majority of their electricity is generated from hydroelectric energy. Canada also uses wind, solar, and thermal energy for heat and electricity. Unfortunately, the energy used for fuels is still largely fossil fuel based. Canada would like to see increased investment and execution of renewable energy extraction in a resolution. Canada also looks forward to working with the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia on this topic.

  • Paige Hahn

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