Committee: SPECPOL Topic: International Drug Trade Country: The Hellenic Republic Delegate: Caroline Janei, FH Northern HS Across the world, illegal substances are being manufactured and [...]

Committee: SPECPOL Topic: Lybia Country: The Hellenic Republic Delegate: Caroline Janei, FH Northern HS After the death of Muammar Gaddafi, the president of Libya, Libyans elected the GNC. [...]

World Health Organization Child and Infant Nutrition Canada Kierra Polizzi- FH Northern High School   According to WHO and UNICEF, children should start breastfeeding in as little time as 1 hour [...]

World Health Organization Ebola Canada Kierra Polizzi- FH Northern High School     More than 11,000 people of died of Ebola since it’s discovery in 1976 in two different parts of Africa. Central [...]

The situation in Libya is a painful proof of the tendency of the international community to turn its head at the atrocities being committed within different nations – especially when the [...]

Special Political Committee International Drug Trade and Libya  Canada  Giremt Benyam, Forest Hills Northern High School    The international drug trade has negatively affected our world through [...]

After the first Libyan Civil War ended in 2011 control over the military and politically was unstable. Fighting between factions escalated in 2014 with the House of Representatives, in the city [...]

International drug trade has been an issue for centuries. In 1729, 1896, and 1800 Chinese authorities issued edicts against smoking opium being brought to China by the United Kingdom. By the [...]

Committee: Social Cultural and Humanitarian Topic: Human Trafficking  Country: Ukraine Delegate: Cooper Hoeksema, Forest Hills Northern High School   Human Trafficking in Ukraine 40.3 million [...]

Social Cultural Humanitarian SOCHUM Human Trafficking Greece Kate Zuke, FH Northern HS   Human trafficking is the illegal transportation of men, women, and children against their will, and [...]