September 16, 2019
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Forest Hills Central

Dominican Republic

Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian(SOCHUM): Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking is defined as the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another. It is a problem that affects migrants, women, children, and those who are vulnerable. Human trafficking is used for mostly two reasons. Roughly 80% of trafficking is used for sexual exploitation, and roughly 20% is used for forced labor. As stated previously, these traffickers usually target women and children for trafficking, and mainly migrants for forced labor. The problem affects families and is a global security threat. Human Trafficking issues have spread to all around the world, especially in countries like Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Iran, and North Korea. These are the countries that are said to have the highest human trafficking rates. Most of the countries that have problems with it are impoverished, but large countries have problems with it as well.


The Dominican Republic has had a very difficult time with Human Trafficking in the past. From having people from Haiti brought within our borders, to impoverished people shipping their children to America, without knowing they will really enter the Human Trade. The issue has led to the criticization of the Dominican Republic on their relaxed trafficker laws. We only have penalization and fees for traffickers and do nothing for the prevention of the illegal trade. 


We are currently working to successfully implement the laws. We are taking heavy criticism from other countries in the United Nations and say we will fix the problem. The truth is, the problem is growing and the committee needs to fix and diminish it.


The Dominican Republic believes that there should be a heavy penalization for traffickers and offer extensive help for those affected by trafficking. There should be a program that ensures the security of the victims and investigations into the roots of trafficking to detect any type of trafficking organization so we can put a stop to it. 


The problem is growing in multiple countries and could be classified as a global crisis. Innocent people are being forced into labor or sexual exploitation. If we find a resolution that benefits the people, ends the crisis, and make a better life for the people of this world.

  • Tommy Laidlaw