September 16, 2019
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United Nations Development Program

The Eradication of Poverty

Republic of Ukraine 

Maya Streng, Forest Hills Northern High School


Poverty is something every country and Nation has experienced. Poverty however has become a much bigger problem over the last few days. According to the World Bank in 2015 ten percent of the world’s population had to live on only about one dollar a day. Most people nowadays think all there is to poverty is a lack of money. Poverty however is much more complicated in some places poverty is caused because of lack of jobs and shelter. The issue of poverty is trying to be resolved and slowly the amount of people living in extreme poverty is being reduced.Overall since 1990 to 2015 overall poverty rates have gone down 25 percent from 36 percent to only 11 percent. 

Ukraine is very aquanticed with poverty in 2016 ukraine was voted as the second poorest country in europe. Now 60 percent of citizens that live in ukraine are below the poverty line. Although Ukraine has tried to improve the poverty situation there temps have not worked to well. Poverty rates have just continued to fall.Ukraine has tried many solutions to improve poverty but most have just been a fruitless attempt and don’t improve much.

One way to help start improving the poverty rates in Ukraine is to start by improving labor in Ukraine. Ukraine can start by teaching the most productive and effective way of cultivating.Ukraine has the largest amount of fertile land in europe. When you can improve that labor then you will start to get more use out of the land and then people will start getting a more steady income. Also the government will start getting more income because they will begin to receive more money from trading resources and supplies. 

Ukraine knows that not just one solution will completely solve their poverty problem. Ukraine knows that we will have to attempt many things and we may not be able to use same solutions as other countries in Europe but we will try as many solutions as we can to help improve living conditions in Ukraine. Ukraine wants its citizens to have good jobs and incomes to support families. Ukraine looks forward to working with our fellow nations to try to solve the ongoing problem of poverty in our world.


  • Maya Streng

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