September 16, 2019
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United Nations Development Program

Disaster Risk Reduction

Republic of Ukraine 

Maya Streng, Forest Hills Northern High School


Disaster risk reduction is something every country has to keep in mind when making big decisions about the physical aspects of a country like where and how buildings are built,but also where we grow food and where factories are. Every country and Nation will make sure they know how to best protect their nation if there were to be a natural hazard like an earthquake, flood, drought and tornados. If there where a flood or earthquake countries have to make sure the buildings and houses are strong enough to stay standing. Disaster risk reduction is primarily all about the choices nations are willing to make to make themselves less vulnerable. There is no one place where you can escape natural disasters. You may have to be cautious about areas around fault lines, you may have to worry about volcanic eruptions. 

Ukraine is no stranger to natural disasters such as frequent flooding, harsh winter and severe storms. Flood and storms can come through and destroy homes, building and can cause many deaths. Ukraine is trying very hard to mitigate damage from natural disasters. Ukraine is working together with the EUk, in 2010 they initiated the first phase and now are in the second phase of the program of prevention, preparedness and reduction in eastern partnership countries. Ukraine has also joined many other international treaties regarding risk reduction. In 2008 alone 300 disasters killed over 235,000 people and caused immense amounts of destruction. Ukraine is still taking many steps to ensure the safety of the people. The march of 2018 Ukraine participated in an European Civil Protection Forum.

Ukraine teaming up with EU is a great step in the right direction. Ukraine could also create a warning system so citizens would know when the huge storms are coming that cause floods. Citizens of Ukraine would then be able to evacuate in a safer manner where everyone is not as rushed. Also since you would know farther in advance now you would be able to make last minute preparations like making sure supplies and crops wont get as destroyed by puting them inside of a building. With a more advanced warning system there would be less casualties during floods and even those last minute adjustments to crops and structures cna save a lot of money that Ukraine would have had to pay as debts. Ukraine could also could make an agreement with the EU about a safe place to stay there while the storms and floods are still dangerous. This plan will make sure that less people will die during natural disasters.


  • Maya Streng