September 16, 2019
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Abigail Zhang, Forest Hills Northern

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) have been terrorizing the people on this Earth ever since the first major outbreak in 1976. Since then, the immune and vascular system attacking virus has killed hundreds of thousands of people, most notably in Africa. Ebola runs rampant in lesser developed countries that generally have poor healthcare and medical services, leaving residents unable to fend for themselves against the virulent, contagious virus. This virus, which can kill between 6-16 days after the emergence of symptoms, still has no known cure, despite the endless amount of research and funding being poured into this topic. Currently, the most effective method of combating Ebola in developing countries is containment, and intensive care, but still around half of patients die. 

As a small nation in the middle of Central America, the Republic of Costa Rica has not had any outbreaks of Ebola, nor any cases. This holds true for every country in Latin America; the closest the Latino countries have been to an Ebola outbreak was the period around 2016 when Ebola was found in the United States. However, Dengue and Zika virus have been prevalent in Costa Rica for a significant amount of time, making them the two most significant diseases in Costa Rica. To combat this, Costa Rica’s excellent all-encompassing healthcare system has ensured that citizens take necessary measures to prevent, as well as possible, any chance of contracting any deadly viruses. Costa Rica also encourages its citizens to receive vaccines for these viruses, along with Hepatitis and others.

The Republic of Costa Rica would like to see the committee work together to create a resolution that not only addresses the need for sanitary areas to treat Ebola patients, but also provides funding to developing countries who need the capital to improve medical services. With the establishment of sanitary facilities for patients, the possibility of Ebola spreading to others in the area can decrease significantly. As Ebola is a common enemy of every living human being, Costa Rica believes that all nations should assist one another in combating it.

  • Abigail Zhang

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