September 16, 2019
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Country: Fiji

Committee: DISEC

Topic: Preventing the Illicit Arms Trade

Delegate: Luke Jaworsky

School: Williamston High School


The illegal arms trade is an intense problem for many nations across the world. It allows for weaponry to fall into the hands of dangerous individuals and organizations such as terrorist groups. This business is extremely lucrative using large amounts of unpurposed weaponry and using the money gained to fund more illegal activities.

Fiji recognizes the extreme danger of the illegal arms trade and understands that extensive measures need to be taken in order to further prevent dangerous groups from intercepting these weapons to be used for harmful uses. Our country recognizes that the ATT though humble in design and in purpose has not fulfilled its intended purpose. Fiji also recognizes the ability to enforce laws on the illegal arms trade will be a challenge because many of the areas it is intended for already have a general breakdown of law and order. We also recognize that an international agreement between nations on this topic will be difficult.

Fiji further resolve that the ATT be either further strengthened through reorganization and new outlines and limits or a complete scrap of the organization and a new one being implemented with stricter rules. Fiji would also want many of the nations who actually deal with this issue to sign on with the same comprehensive resolution that the other nations in this committee have agreed to.


  • Luke Jaworsky

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