September 16, 2019
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Country: Fiji

Committee: DISEC

Topic: Private military contractors

Delegate: Luke Jaworsky

School: Williamston High School


Private military contractors can be extremely dangerous to the constructs of modern warfare due to their possibly dangerous and harmful methods and crimes. These outsourced military contracts often go unchecked by the countries contracting them which allows them to go on committing these crimes without punishment.

Fiji understands that many nations use these contract bids in their own militaries, including the United States, which has a quarter of its military contracted by them which could pose a threat to nations that they are currently at war with or at war in. Other nations that are in unstable conditions use contractors as well for their own self gain which would also further allow for many war crimes to go unnoticed and unchecked easily due to the current instability.

Fiji would like a call for many P5 nations to further ratify a resolution that would ban the use of mercenaries within their own militaries. Fiji would also like to see many other nations of much lower status such as those in Africa and the middle east to at least further regulate the amount of troops that countries’ governments are allowed outsource through military contracts.


  • Luke

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