September 16, 2019
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infant and child nutrition is a largely important issue and a big problem if not addressed . Over 3 million children die every year from undernutrition. The first 1000 days from a mothers pregnancy and the child’s second birthday provide great opportunity to prevent undernutrition and it’s consequences. Globally, about 1 in 4 children are stunted. Many countries have measures in place to combat undernutrition, and all countries should as it is a crucial issue for many of them.


National statistics from El Salvador show that undernutrition is prevalent and that it is largely caused by limited healthy eating practices for pregnant women and less exclusive breastfeeding. The SDG Fund programme is intended to resolve this issue. The objective of the programme is to strengthen public policy and support for the joint construction of initiatives, Improve local production and import substitution of raw materials and finished products, increase communities’ resilience to adapt to climate change, and expand local nutrition information systems. All of these goals allow El Salvador to combat undernutrition and help mothers and children in need. 


El Salvador has a plan in place to combat undernutrition. In 2017, there were 46 deaths out of 100,000 live births. El salvador’s plan has been successful so far, and they will continue to improve on it. The SDG Fund Programme has shown to be successful, and if more countries had plans like it in place, the world could successfully fight undernutrition, and children would get the care they deserve. Undernutrition can hurt a child’s physical and mental growth. Stunted children also have greater risk of developing diabetes and chronic diseases going into adulthood. The nutrition of the mother is just as important as the child itself, and it is also something countries should focus on. All of the plans to fight  undernutrition are based on sound evidence, which shows that they are effective and have been thought out well. The global interest for fighting undernutrition has increased recently, and people are beginning to realize the true severity and importance of this issue. El salvador has a plan to fight undernutrition in children and mothers, and will continue to improve on it, and other countries should do so as well.

  • Carter Smelser

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