September 16, 2019
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Country: El Salvador

Name: Carter Smelser

Topic: Ebola 

Ebola is one of the most severe and contagious viruses in our modern world. The most notable occurrence of an outbreak was in 2014 and continued to spread until 2016, and resulted in over 11,000 deaths. Another Ebola outbreak has been spreading in Africa since mid 2018, and the severity of the issue has not been projected yet. The second part of this topic is infant and child nutrition. Over 3 million children die every year from undernutrition. The first 1000 days from a mothers pregnancy and the child’s second birthday provide great opportunity to prevent undernutrition and it’s consequences. Both of these issues need to and can be addressed and prevented and are both crucial to human life.


El salvador relies greatly on the International Health Regulation to protect them. The International Health Regulation is an international agreement signed by 194 countries. The health minister of El Salvador said that, “Everything that is being done in the world in relation to the response to Ebola is correctly regulated.”. This illustrates that El Salvador believes that everything is under control in regards to Ebola, and that El Salvador has precautions in order to combat the issue. As for infant and child nutrition, national statistics from El Salvador show that undernutrition is prevalent and that it is largely caused by limited healthy eating practices for pregnant women and less exclusive breastfeeding. The SDG Fund programme is intended to resolve this issue. The objective of the programme is to strengthen public policy and support for the joint construction of initiatives, Improve local production and import substitution of raw materials and finished products, increase communities’ resilience to adapt to climate change, and expand local nutrition information systems.


El Salvador plans to resolve these issues by supporting programmes and goals already in place, and preparing for the future of the country and the issues. These issues are greatly important to our world and countries need to be prepared for them. El salvador has made preparations and plans to protect against ebola, and plans to fight child hunger and give children the nutrition they deserve. If other countries focus on preparing for these issues, we can combat and hopefully prevent them.


  • Carter Smelser