September 16, 2019
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Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee

Combating Racism and Xenophobia


Alex Verheek – Forest Hills Northern


The Jewish people have been treated with racist and anti-semetic sentiments throughout their history as a people. Israel has been a homeland for the Jewish people in the face of this treatment. Israel has always and will always vehemently oppose all racist and xenophopic actions against any race, nationality, or people. In order to combat racism in all of its forms, all member states of the United Nations must be vigilant in their efforts in stopping discrimination of all peoples.


Throughout its history, Jewish people have been expelled from their homeland countless times. Recently there has been conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian people over the rightful occupants of Israel. A two-state agreement has been tried since the Sykes-Picot agreement doctored by the United Nations after World War I. Since then, there has been much disagreement between the Palestinian and Israeli groups. Both sides have been on the brink of armed conflict for decades more, and some brutality has been used towards and against both sides. 


The state of Israel believes the most important factors of this issue to Israel is the assurance of a homeland for the Jewish people in Israel and the condemnation of anti-semitism all around the world. Israel would would like to shine light upon the nations that oppose Israel as being incendiary and anti-semetic. Abolishment of Racism and Xenophobia can be accomplished through no-tolerance policies of any forms of discrimintion based on race or nationality.

  • Alex Verheek