September 16, 2019
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Human Trafficking is a large crime that is very common as well as highly illegal and feared. Kidnapping is in itself a horrific crime, but being held hostage long term and forced to participate in sexual acts against your will is even worse. Human trafficking normally results in death as well, due to the fact that many victims are not found. Historically, the most vulnerable populations are those afforded the fewest rights – such as women, children, minorities, and migrants. Human trafficking is viewed by the United Nations as a form of modern day slavery.


The United Kingdom is a destination country for men, women, and children primarily from Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe who are subjected to human trafficking for the purposes of sexual slavery and forced labour, including domestic servitude. The United Kingdom stands against human trafficking and will do whatever is necessary to prevent it. It has not been a top priority; however, with migration laws up in the air due to Brexit, we want to end these crimes and keep more tourists and traveling citizens safe.


The UK wants to stop this criminal activity, but with handling Brexit and instability that comes with it, we are willing to cooperate with other countries who also strive to end human trading.


  • Lily Ross

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