September 16, 2019
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Disarmament and International Security Committee

Private Military Contractors

Republic of Costa Rica

Hadley Urrutia

Forest Hills Northern


Private Military Contractors (PMCs), are privately owned companies which provide armed combat or security services for financial gain. The number of registered PMCs has increased and continues to increase by 8% annually. The main concern relating to PMCs in Central America is the lack of proper regulation. This means that agents could be involved in illegal and harmful activities such as abuse.


The Republic of Costa Rica has 630 private security companies, and has over 28,000 private guards for hire. Costa Rica wants to confirm that these services are used for the correct purposes by establishing a new policy which requires all businesses and entities requiring an armed guard to submit a safety evaluation. The evaluation submitted to the security ministry would explain why the service is necessary and needed.


Costa Rica wants to protect human rights and safety by governing the principles and activities of operational personnel, and believes there should be established regulations on private military and security services. This includes confirming that private military personnel undergo proper training, practice, and a psychological exam. It’s also important that up-to-date records with information on both personnel and on firearms, ammunition, and other equipment. By keeping accurate records and making sure all private military contractors are properly educated and trained, PMCs can be regulated and safe.

  • Hadley Urrutia

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