September 16, 2019
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Country: Denmark

Committee: United Nations Development Programme

Topic: Disaster Risk Reduction

Name: Ethan Sinke

High School: Williamston High School

Natural disasters have a tremendous effect on nations, disrupting development and the lives of people. With the current climate crisis, countries must be prepared for whatever natural disaster that could happen. For example, in 2018 97.9 billion dollars worth of damage occurred due to natural disasters. The body must come up with preventative methods and also ensure that each nation has proper technology to be able to predict whenever these natural disasters could occur. The body should also work towards developing in an environmentally sustainable way that does not lead to erosion, drought, and other types of natural disasters.

Denmark has taken action against natural disasters and has implemented disaster risk reduction methods. One example is that Denmark has taken action to develop sustainably and prepare for building resilience when creating it’s infrastructure. Denmark has also used climate services such as The WMO Global Framework for Climate Services to give out early warnings to affected groups of people in terms of natural disasters. Denmark has also implemented warning and response strategies, and has increased knowledge about disaster risk reduction and natural disasters within educational systems through the Hyogo Framework for Action. 


Denmark believes that countries should do anything in the best of their abilities to help countries who face environmental damage, especially if they produce many emissions. Denmark believes that education should take place in countries who suffer from environmental damage regarding environmental impacts and about what everyday citizens can do to help. Denmark also hopes that the body creates an emergency action plan of some sort so countries can be prepared when they suffer from environmental damage. Denmark calls for ensuring that developed nations invest in research on natural disasters and work towards sustainable building development. Denmark also calls on nations to also implement sustainable agriculture methods like watershed management and no till agriculture to restore land. Denmark also wants every nation to be able to ensure seasonal weather forecasts are conducted for crop planning and in preparation for natural disasters.

  • Ethan Sinke

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