September 16, 2019
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Committee: SOCHUM 

Topic: Human Trafficking 

Country: Nigeria

School: Mattawan High School 

Delagate: Julian Willow


Human trafficking is the illegal transportion of people from one country to another usually for sexual explotation or forced labor. Human trafficking occurs in many less devleoped countries despite the fact that the act of human trafficking is illegal. Throughout the history of man, people have been forcefully used for labor be it because of the color of their skin or from the spoils of war. Slavery saw its first major decrease in the 1800s when many western nations began to outlaw it. Despite the efforts of the international community, human trafficking still occurs in most parts of the world. To help put an end to human trafficking Nigeria is willing to work with the international community to solve this problem. 

Throughout our history, our citizens have been exploited by human traffickers. Nigeria is used as a source, transit and destination for human trafficking. Many children and women are taken by traffickers in our country. Male children, who are trafficked, are used for forced labor such as street vending, mining, servitude, begging and occasionally as child soldiers. While trafficked women are used for domestic servitude and sexual exploitation. Even though President Goodluck Jonathan re-enacted the Trafficking in Persons Law Enforcement and Administration Act, which increases the penalties for trafficking, human trafficking still occurs. To help end this problem for all Nigeria is willing to help find a solution for this issue.

To prevent human trafficking we suggest a course of action that not only increases penalty for trafficking, but also to help prevent trafficking. Another suggestion would be to educate people in rural areas to help them avoid these situations and to increase security on borders to help prevent people being trafficked over international borders. To be able to find a proper solution, all countries must work together to end this sick and deplorable act. 


  • Julian Willow

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