September 16, 2019
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Disarmament and International Security Committee

Private Military Contractors


Elliot Baker

Forest Hills Northern

Private military contractors (PMCs) have played a large role in global affairs, from guarding diplomats and humanitarians associated with the UN to participating directly in conflicts. These PMCs have been involved in human rights violations, as have other non-government-controlled military groups, such as the UN’s own peacekeepers. In fact, the UN has hired PMCs many times and says that “these services are needed to protect the organization’s staff and worldwide operations.” While other nations might see the issue being the private nature of PMCs, human rights violations are perpetrated by some national militaries, such as the beatings detained citizens have received at the hands of Lebanese authorities.


Since the establishment of the State of Israel, Israel has aimed to advance its military sufficiently to be able to defend against attacks and unjustified uprisings from within its territory. This wouldn’t be possible without the simultaneous advancements in private security and PMCs, which have also grown into a multimillion-dollar industry within Israel, and resolutions attempting to ban PMCs would have detrimental effects on the economies and security of other such nations including P5s such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. The profits that PMCs make will also go back into the global economy, so while these companies do profit from conflict, it can actually aid the international economy. The use of PMCs is also cost-effective, and a much more viable defense strategy for developing nations that might not have the resources to fully staff and arm a standing military, while also limiting casualties of that nation’s citizens. Furthermore, Israel disagrees with some of the alleged human rights abuses that have occurred within its borders, namely the deaths of Mariam Abu Ismail and Ibrahim Taha, who were killed after disobeying requests to change lanes at a checkpoint and throwing a knife at officers. If PMC officers aren’t allowed to defend themselves against possible enemy combatants, then it will only lead to more death as enemies are allowed to easily defeat officers.


While recognizing the concerns of other nations, Israel believes that PMCs are a necessary tool in global affairs and that their benefits outweigh the accusations of human rights violations. Israel would find resolutions looking to ban PMCs unsavory but might look favorably upon any resolutions affirming the role of PMCs in aiding in the security of nations.


  • Elliot Baker

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