September 16, 2019
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Committee: World Health Organization

Topic: Infant and Child Nutrition

Country: Peru

Delegate: Ruby Jazwinski, Forest Hills Northern

Malnutrition of children and infants has been a crucial case. Throughout impoverished areas in the world, the infant mortality rate has risen, and more and more children are falling ill. There are many different reasons for it, and various prevention and beneficial methods have been taken. Every child should be able to have access to proper nutrition; no child should have to suffer.

More specifically, Peru’s infant mortality rate has risen, and the majority of children were diagnosed with a disease of some sort. This is due to the lack of equal access to health care to people with financial obstacles as well as people living in rural areas having less healthcare. Peru developed Peru’s Health Reform Program (PARSALUD), which was created in two phases. The program had many achievements and helped improve family care and health in many regions in Peru. It focused on rural areas and helping families, and had great success so far. The program is also working with the ministry of health for universal care and financing for all.

Child and infant nutrition should be a more major topic. Malnutrition of child could lead to many different problems later in life, so creating these programs that can help these children would be a great benefit.


  • Ruby Jazwinski

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