September 16, 2019
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United Nations Development Programme

Disaster Risk Reduction

Dominion of Canada

Camille Gerville-Réache, Forest Hills Northern High School


Natural disasters are inevitably costly and damaging. From earthquakes to hurricanes, no country is without impact. Every year, billions are spent globally on disaster relief, and yet, since 1980, over two million lives have been lost. Fully aware of the damages natural disasters have and will cost, the Hyogo, then the Sendai Framework have been created and internationally followed. Under the influence of both mitigation strategies, many nations are investing millions in proactive response measures which would save billions in costs of recovery and response measures, as well as minimalize the mortality rate. 

Canada fully recognizes its primary role in protecting citizens from natural disaster threats. After the Canadian supported Hyogo Framework timeline ceased, Canada further endorsed its successor, the Sendai Framework. In early 2008, Canada’s Natural Disaster Mitigation Strategy was launched, designed to take proactive measures before a disaster hits. The program focuses on educating citizens, promoting research programs, and enhancing structural mitigation development. These methods were formed with the target of heightening public awareness and increasing disaster response capacity. 

With goals of significantly reducing casualties and economic losses by 2030, Canada strongly encourages all nations to implement the Sendai frameworks of policies and strategies. The Sendai Framework is designed to substantially reduce the global damage of infrastructure, gross domestic product, and fatalities caused by natural disasters. Climate change underhand, the implementation of these strategies grow more urgent.


Holding the safety of all peoples in mind, the delegation of Canada fully encourages other nations to organize natural disaster programs following the Hyogo and Sendai frameworks, to most effectively prepare for and respond to sudden natural events. Moreover, Canada further recommends nations proactively build natural disaster withstanding structures, thus reducing funds necessary for relief. Canada looks forward to collaborating with nations for reducing disaster risk.


  • Camille Gerville-Réache

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