September 16, 2019
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 On one side of the coin malnutrition is at true danger that can stunt the growth of our children, who are the future. Malnutrition is an absolutely diabolical occurrence, it opens the door for diseases and viruses to walk right in, but in children it’s even worse. According to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia  child malnutrition causes muscle wasting, which is a process where the body takes protein from the muscles. The child can get dermatosis,they can become easily agitated, and their bones will begin to stick out. Last but not least the child can face growth retardation which causes the child to suffer growth issues or grow incorrectly .


According to the World Health Organization(WHO) malnutrition is estimated to kill one out of every three children. Malnutrition is a plague is a state of being when a child is started to receive permanent effects from not getting enough food.  However on November 16th 2018, it was reported by WHO that there are over one point three million children under the age of five suffering from severe acute malnutrition throughout six of Africa’s Sahel Countries. Considering that number is less than 7% percent of Burkina Faso’s population alone this is undoubtedly a good thing. But this doesn’t mean we can stop making progress altogether, because malnutrition is still a problem.


On the other side of the coin malnutrition can relate to child obesity. According to an article  the WHO website titled “ending malnutrition in all its forms? A decade of opportunity over 42 million children suffer from obesity another form of malnutrition. Obesity is so dangerous because it could lead to diabetes,cardiovascular disease,pulmonary disease depression, etc. It can also cause growth deformity, pain, and limited mobility. So nutrition is a very important issue, on one side growth can become stunted and on the other side you can get deformities. So its very important that we deal with child malnutrition as children are our future.

The State of Qatar knows how much of a big deal malnutrition is and we plan to continue to combat it. However the amount of toddlers(children under five years of age)afflicted with malnutrition is at a low of 4.8% as of 1995. So The State of Qatar doesn’t plan to take or be apart of any drastic, expensive plans. However The State of Qatar will be willing to donate money towards the problem of child malnutrition, and will be willing to cooperate with any countries willing to make a cost effective plan to continue to end child malnutrition.


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  • Kessonga Allen