September 16, 2019
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     Racism is a topic that is very prevalent in this time and age and is very large in countries such as the U.S and France just to name a couple. This has been affecting our society as a whole by giving others of different race and/or origin a bad name. Racism has been around since the beginning of the human race and it grew and spread to others’ thoughts and minds. Racism is also a very big topic in a country such as the U.S, as they have been seen as tolerant but it is there and with great numbers. We need to handle this topic with the utmost importance.

     Xenophobia and Racism is very rare in Equatorial Guinea as we support being inclusive and new ideas. This was also stated by our president as he supports being inclusive and preventive diplomacy. We do need to bring up racism in France as they have been both xenophobia and racism. France is not the only one as it plagues almost all countries even ones so advanced as the U.S, Italy, France, and Sudan. There have been limits on free speech in Europe such as article 17 and eliminating hate speech as a whole. 

     We most likely do need to be honest with our people and tell them the history they deserve to know. The youth need to be taught the atrocities done by our ancestors on other people’s restrictions on history has been seen most commonly in Germany and the U.S. By doing this the people will not be ill-informed and will have a better perspective of the world and other peoples. We may also need to put more restrictions on hate speech, though this is just if it gets too out of hand. One other thing we need to do is introduce people who hate each other’s race and bring them together and let them talk out their differences to get a sense of understanding. These are just some suggestions to do for these racial tensions around the world.


  • Aurelio Delgado

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