September 16, 2019
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Country: The United States of America

Committee: SOCHUM

Topic: Human Trafficking 

Delegate: Kristian Rica, Troy High School


There are many worrying statistics about human trafficking all around the world, and the US has had a staggering amount of it going on over the last few decades. Unfortunately, the United States has had a long history of tragedies with human trafficking. Until 2000, such a thing wasn’t even considered illegal, and there are hundreds of thousands of victims being exploited in the US today. There is an average of 150 cases of trafficking that are reported every day, and many more that go under the radar, and it’s reported that children are even more vurnerable than adults relating to sexual exploitation in the US. This is an emergency for not only us, but also the countries surrounding due to large groups/gangs and international trafficking.

The US and multiple other delegations of the UN have worked hand in hand to make resolutions to attempt to fix this situation in the past. Things such as border checks between countries, and data collection must be used in order to either predict, or altogether find, block, and convict traffickers. A lot of times, such actions are organized, and some data collection could be all it takes to stop a lot of these cases. Research from organizations that would find out holes in plans and knowledge would make anti-trafficking efforts much more effective and faster. Every member country of this committee should show commitment by making sure human rights crimes aren’t happening and that more vetting happens to minimize human trafficking.

With millions of people worldwide being put in human trafficking whether it be for sexual exploitation, slave labor, etc. this current situation should be highly concerning to the general assembly. Both adults and children are currently at risk for being trafficked and these people commit despicable actions, going all they way to killing their victims. The international community needs to research the patterns and the ways that such trafficking happens, and all the best efforts should be put on stopping this emergency.



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  • Kristian Rica

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